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Office 365 quick config for Lync Mobile

January 5th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

If you want to have a play with the new Windows Phone client (WP7) for Lync then Microsoft haven’t quite setup the DNS records yet (or they are still propagating round the internet). Not to worry you can force it by manually specifying some URL’s…

If you’re using your own domain with Office 365 or on one of the higher plans check these guides… Set up Lync mobile devices and Set up your network for Lync Online.

Start the Lync mobile client

Enter your username as: <name>@<domain>.onmicrosoft.com

Enter your password:

Specify a username in the same format: <name>@<domain>.onmicrosoft.com

Toggle the “Auto-detect services” & enter the following as the “External Discovery URL”

Chances are you’ll never be “internal” to the Office 365 network so we can probably leave the internal one clear for now..!

It looks like some clients don’t work if you don’t give them an “internal URL” too, so just repeat the process for the Internal Discovery URL:

You should now be able to connect & enjoy having a play around.


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