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Some handy Exchange tools

November 16th, 2010 No comments

Although you should be familiar with most of these tools already, lot’s of thanks go to Dan Erelis and Eight2One for making a handy overview of all of them, separated per version, in a clearly structured table:


Thanks folks,


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What’s new in Exchange 2010 SP1

November 15th, 2010 No comments

Dear readers,

I know, SP1 for Exchange 2010 has been released already several weeks ago, but for those who are still wondering if the upgrade is worthwhile (for both EX2010 users and previous version users thinking on migration), I made up a list of “my personal SP1 features” that I use for convincing customers to make the switch:


(for a complete overview of Exchange 2010 SP1 features, check the following Microsoft website:)


  • Setup from EX2010 SP1 integrated media has now a thick box to install required Windows Roles & Features
  • 27 new OWA themes + more customizable than ever
  • Change Password features in OWA, even when Password is expired
  • SMTP failover with load balancing, where “down transport servers” are being detected and excluded from sending mails
  • ISINTEG is back in the picture, although replaced by cmdlets (new-mailboxrepairrequest)
  • Public Folder Client permissions are viewable/editable through  EMC
  • Directly import PST’s to users archive mailbox using cmdlet (new-mailboximportrequest)
  • Delegate access rights to archive mailbox
  • Share your Outlook calendar with “everyone” on the internet (no federation needed)

That’ about it.

Stay tuned the next couple of weeks where I go through all details on some of above mentioned features and topics.

Grtz, Peter

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Restart of the C-spot blogging activity

November 14th, 2010 No comments

Dear all,

One year after the launch of “”, I have to admit I didn’t blog that much. I added some posts on my previous blog-site (, but due to projects and other time-consuming activities, I didn’t had the time for that.

After attending TechEd 2010 in Berlin last week, I decided on starting blogging again. As promised, technical stuff and day-to-day issues I’m facing on Exchange Server, Forefront Security and Microsoft IT Architecture topics in general will be the foreseen content.

Stay tuned for the latest updates.

Kind regards, Peter

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