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Welcome to The-C-Spot

September 24th, 2009 No comments

Hello visitors, welcome to “the-c-spot”.

Probably one of the first things to explain is, what the “c” in the title stands for; this would make the whole idea and concept behind the website more clear I hope.

Easy as it can be, the “C” stands for Collaboration and Communication, which happen to be one of my current favourite technology groups I’m working in as a Microsoft Architect. For the ones who don’t know the technology products behind these terms, I’m talking about – regardless of version – Microsoft Exchange Server , Microsoft Office Communication Server and Microsoft Sharepoint.

Of course, as the “C” refers to “themes”, this blog site is open to other technology products as well, not only Microsoft related of course.

Feel free to join, be happy to read, come back regularly… so we all stay happy and on top of the knowledge chain.

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